White Noise Machines for Sleep

If you live in a loud environment, and noise pollution is a problem even when you are trying to get some sleep, you might find relief by using a white noise machine. It may sound like you are just adding even more noise, and in a way you are, but these devices are designed for noise masking. They drown out the other irritating background noises by creating a wash of white noise similar to a fan or rushing water. These noise generators are not actually active noise cancelling devices, but they serve a similar purpose.

One of the most popular sleep noise generators is the Marpac 980A. This is the cylindrical plastic unit you may have seen before. The volume and the frequency tone can be changed by turning the cap of the plastic housing one way or the other. This model has two speeds, so you can easily control how much white noise you want added to your room. These units make a very consistent sound, without annoying rattling or vibrations. It generates pure white noise, not a prerecorded pattern. Many people swear by these units, and use them every night. In fact I know several of them, and I have used it myself. If you are looking for a very durable white noise generator at an affordable price, this one is highly recommended. Try it out and get the sleep you have been missing!

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