Noise Cancelling Headphones – How They Work

The process of canceling out any unwanted sound is known as noise cancellation. Noise cancellation technology is a field in acoustics that is continually growing. The modern world is filled with lots of various noises and much of it can be quite dangerous to our eardrums. But the people who live in major cities and large towns are the most susceptible to this particular type of hearing damage. They experience very little quiet time in their lives, so noise cancellation technology is a great way for these people to experience less noise in their lives throughout their day.

We are now going to take a look at the working principles of noise cancellation technology. Sound will travel through water or air in the form of waves and each and every wave comes with its own particular frequency, size and shape. A microphone is capable of detecting all of these sound waves in any particular environment. If you place a microphone close to the ear and incorporate a digital sound processor called active noise control into the system, the resulting sound coming from the speaker in headphones or earbuds has the undesired sound wave frequencies reduced or eliminated. This type of signal processor takes the ambient sounds outside of the headphones, and reverses the phase of the sound waves, thereby cancelling out those sounds.

Noise cancelling earbuds and headphones are readily available in today’s marketplace. People who work in airports and factories will often wear these type of headphones as a way to save their eardrums from being damaged by the loud noises taking place around them. These headphones are also used by people listening to audio devices like mp3 players, ipods, and stereo systems as a means to reduce ambient noise, thereby they are able to listen to their programs at a lower volume level. Noise cancellation technology is also great for traveling, and are frequently worn by airline passengers.

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