Noise Cancelling

Noise is everywhere. We are surrounded by it at all times, especially in the city. Noise pollution from traffic, trains, planes, garbage trucks, barking dogs, and so much more. What can be done? Are we supposed to just accept living in such a loud environment?

Thankfully, there are noise reduction products available to help make our lives a little more tolerable. Noise cancellation technology is still pretty new, but noise cancelling earbuds and headphones, telephone headsets, white noise generators for sleep, and other products are emerging that promise to help bring some solace to our loud, loud world. Here we will take a look at some of these products, and the science behind modern noise reduction.

Noise cancelling headphones and headsets are sometimes called active headsets because they require a separate power source to operate. More often than not the power source that they use are rechargeable battery packs that you can get at any of your local electronic stores, though some use common disposable batteries. Typically, consumer noise cancellation technology focuses on lower-frequency sound, which is easier to isolate, like the drone of an airplane engine. Higher frequency sounds are more difficult to process and eliminate.

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